April 7th, 2015

'20 Minute Tuesday' acoustic, solo set in the gorgeous-sounding Witzend in Venice. Thanks for the great turnout...in the rain...in LA. After living here a couple years, I now appreciate what a big deal that is....thx for the support! D


Here's the track:


Dominic Sinesio
Lead Vocal
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Bass

Ryan Slotnick
Fender Rhodes

Doron Lev    

Mary Jennings    
Back-Up Vocals

Nancy Magarill    
Back-Up Vocals

Antonio Dangerfield    

Jamaal Sawyer    
Tenor Saxophone

Kevin Cerovich    


It was a Tuesday, Maybe Wednesday
It was a weekday when they always said "Hey"
And it was slow and all

They made small talk on the boardwalk
“There’s a tune and, maybe it’s a new band
I heard it all summer long”

And she like, “La la la la...   
I’m trying to remember how it goes.
La la la la...But i only hear it 
When I’m alone.”

It rang a bell but he couldn’t tell what
Was familiar, a little too familiar
Her tune was like his own

“I like the sitar”
“You mean the horn part?”
“I don’t think so, but maybe in the intro..”
“Can you hum a few from the top?...”

And he like, “La la la la...
I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.
La la la la...but i only hear it 
When i’m alone...2
So how do you know how it goes?”

It was a long day selling candy by the sea shore, 
She wish she got to see more
Of the waves the rocks and the crashing sound

He took a walk by, She took a deep sigh
And with a glance they decide to take a chance
She hummed her tune and he sang along

They like, La la la la...
I guess it don’t matter how it goes
La la la la...I hope we hear it 
When we’re alone

Words + Music ©2009 Dominic Sinesio / ASCAP